U p s i d e   D o w n   n o. 1

U p s i d e   D o w n  ( stool )   2 0 0 9

" U p s i d e   D o w n  is a serie of objects which incorporates the natural formations of life; the pieces seemed to be living, breathing amorphous beings, frozen in time.”

Pascal Smelik's unique and innovative technique, known as 'spatial drawing', has its origins in experiments he began a decade ago. This method is characterized by the use of an aquarium filled with water as a medium for his artistic endeavors. Over the years, Smelik has refined and expanded on this technique, leading to the development of new designs.

One of the primary methods he uses involves pouring hot candle wax into cold water. This approach results in the wax solidifying in fascinating and unexpected ways. Specifically, one of his projects, titled "Upside down Glass", involved dropping a box filled with hot candle wax into cold water, allowing the wax to be drawn up, thus forming the stem of the design. In another instance, Smelik used a large syringe to squirt hot candle wax into water. After draining the water, he would fill the resulting structure with gypsum to create the final product

U p s i d e   D o w n  (candleholder, bronze)   2 0 1 6 

For more specs and imagery Pascal has made a booklet for  U p s i d e   D o w n

With the ‘Upside down’ artist  Pascal Smelik literally turns  art/design upside down. This co-creation between the artist  and nature produces objects that seem to be frozen in time. With it’s stretched stripes and organic bubbles is reminiscent of physical processes; like a slow-growing coral reef, solidifying lava or dehydrated mud streams. 

The Upside down shows the same natural uninhibitedness, but has been created with the addition of human interference by head and hand. Smelik unifies both the cultural and natural approaches of designing - not by imitating nature, but by including nature as part of the design process. 

In 2 0 0 9,   U p s i d e   D o w n   no.1  (stool)  won acclaim in the form of an nomination by Lidewij Edelkoort for the Talent 2009  awards  (best international graduation works)  during the Dutch Design Week

U p s i d e   D o w n  

(candleholder, aluminum)   2 0 1 2

U p s i d e   D o w n   n o. 1

Material:   Brass, Bronze or Aluminum 

Object: All kind of use

Size:         t.b.d

Year: 2009- now

Lead time: 12 weeks 

Edition:     12

U p s i d e   D o w n   n o. 1   is modeled by hand. This is done using a method by which hot wax is injected into cold water. The hot wax is placed in a syringe , so it can be steered to the the shape of a classic candle holder. The solidified creation is taken from the water and is casted in bronze or aluminum.

Please  note  that  this  object  is made  to  order.  The  lead  time given  is  an  indication,  with  the specific  dispatch  date  communicated  in  an  order confirmation  over  email.

U p s i d e   D o w n   comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. More information you will find in the booklet.

U p s i d e   D o w n  (candleholder, aluminum)   2 0 1 2