H e l i o s  no. 2

 H e l i o s   no. 2    d e e p    s k y   b l u e ,   2 0 2  2

Helios, A minimalist lighting sculpture that delves into the heart of scientific discovery and celestial beauty.

This design is inspired by the discovery of helium, an element first observed in the sun's corona. The circular form mirrors the sun's halo during an eclipse, and the varying glass tube diameters create an engaging visual effect – the light transitions from an intense color to a gentle, cloudy glow. 

With each section of the light tube, from 10mm to 30mm, the helium's natural luminescence takes on a new character, reflecting the vastness and variety of the cosmos itself.

It's a conversation piece that brings the mysteries of the universe into our space, highlighting the elegance of science in a tangible form. This is where design meets the elements, creating an atmosphere filled with wonder and simplicity.

The No.2  series features a selection of three hues, each framed in lightweight, powder-coated aluminum. 

This customisation option allows clients to work closely with us, selecting an ideal color that complements the intended display setting for their Helios piece. 

Presently, Helios No.2 graces the exhibit space of Van Tellingen Interiors in Zeist, The Netherlands.

 H e l i o s   no. 2    s u n s e t   o r a n g e ,   2 0 2  2

Subtle variations in color will arise from the intrinsic nature of noble gases used in our creations. These natural elements, fascinating in their diversity, emit light with nuances that can vary slightly from one geographical location to another, adding a unique, location-specific character to each piece. This phenomenon enhances the individuality and mystique of our artworks, inviting observers to explore the interplay of light and color through a lens that blends science with art.

H e l i o s   N o. 2

Material:   glass, electrodes, fine structured aluminum

Gas:          helium, argon, xenon, krypton or argon

Size:         130cm (l) x 80 cm (ø)

  49.2” (l) x 31.5”″(ø) 

Year: 2021  

Leadtime: 12 weeks 

H e l i o s   c u s t o m   c o m m i s s i o n 

Material:   glass, electrodes, fine structured aluminum

Gas:          helium, argon, xenon, krypton, argon or a mixture of these

Size:         in collaboration

Leadtime: 12 weeks 

H e l i o s   c u s t o m   c o m m i s s i o n  is designed in collaboration with the client, Pascal Smelik will design and create a custom-made Helios,  which meets the requirements of the client and make sure it connects with the space you have in mind.

Please  note  that  this  object  is made  to  order.  The  lead  time given  is  an  indication,  with  the specific  dispatch  date  communicated  in  an  order confirmation  over  email.

HELIOS comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. More information you will find in the booklett.