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A r t i s t  s t a t e m e n t

Greetings, I'm Pascal Smelik, born in 1983 and raised in the Netherlands. My academic journey led me to Industrial Product Design at the Technical School of The Hague and later, Product Design at The School for the Arts in Utrecht. In 2010, I established my own studio.
Since my formative years, the captivating allure of natural phenomena like growth, deformation, and fusion, along with their associated processes, has held me spellbound.
This fascination traces back to my childhood when I would glide over the icy surface of the ditch adjacent to our backyard. The crystal-clear ice would encapsulate leaves, fish, and other aquatic life, freezing them in a mesmerizing stillness. The world beneath the icy sheet moved gracefully, revealing a tranquil dance in the cold water's current. This enchanting sight has remained etched in my memory.
As I grew older, I became increasingly conscious of how the hustle and bustle of adulthood, fueled by societal demands, transformed our lives into a chaotic whirlwind hurtling toward an uncertain future.
Life hurtles by at a breakneck pace, leaving many of us grappling with its challenges. The pursuit of efficiency has become the norm, leaving us feeling there is never enough time. This realization has instilled in me a profound desire to decelerate.
In the realm of science, the microcosm reveals the extraordinary nature of life and the incredible intricacies that bind us and all living organisms. Conversely, the macrocosm highlights how effortlessly we can comprehend relative complexities. It underscores our role as a smaller part of a much grander puzzle, dismissing the perceived value of haste, which, in truth, exists only in our minds. Through my artistic endeavors, I seek to strike a harmonious balance between heart, intellect, and craftsmanship.
My creations epitomize this sought-after state of being. Through deliberate and playful exploration of physical processes, I craft pieces that reside in the present moment, subtly conveying the art of slowing down.
In this fast-paced world, I invite you to decelerate and embrace the present.
Warm regards,