D r i p

P o l s  P o t t e n

b y

S t u d i o   P a s c a l   S m e l i k

To bring his works to a broader audience, Pascal Smelik designed a product version from his the UPSIDE DOWN collection for the dutch design label Pols Potten 

Pols Potten  has been offering creative solutions for every room for over 25 years. Whether you're furnishing a display window, a hotel or your own home, Pols Potten always has an appropriate design object for you. The designs are subtle, innovative and unconventional, with clear roots in Dutch design tradition.


  "The Drip Candle Holder is a marvel in design. Designer Pascal Smelik is fascinated by the concept of deformity, and the Drip  is inspired by that very fascination. The fun and elegant design invites you to light up the room, use it as part of your mantle piece décor, or as stand-alone lighting." 

The Drip Candle holder comes in a small, medium, large and in a candelabra (4-armed version) and is available in boutiques, department stores and webshops all around the world.

Interested in getting your own Drip Candle holder, visit the link of your favorite webshop below or order them at Studio Pascal Smelik directly and ask for a personal note  from the designer with your ordered candleholder.